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This secure website is provided for individuals who want to have their Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance processed online. The Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Check will provide the applicant information as to whether or not they are listed in the Pennsylvania statewide database as a perpetrator of child abuse.


Public Disclosure

As a general rule, the Commonwealth does not disclose any personally identifiable information (PII) collected online except where you have given us permission, or where the information is public information under the Pennsylvania Right to Know Act 65 P.S. 66.1 et seq., or other applicable laws. Visitors should be aware that information collected by the Commonwealth on its websites may be subject to examination and inspection, if such information is a public record and not otherwise protected from disclosure.

Social Security Number Disclosure

You are consenting to a verification of your Social Security number through the Social Security Administration. Your Social Security number is also being sought under 23 Pa.C.S. §§ 6336(a)(1) (relating to Information in statewide central register), 6344 (relating to Information relating to prospective child care personnel), 6344.1 (relating to Information relating to family day-care home residents), and 6344.2 (relating to Information relating to other persons having contact with children). The department will use your Social Security number to search the statewide central register to determine whether you are listed as the perpetrator in an indicated or founded report of child abuse.

Providing your Social Security number may enable the Department to expedite the review of your request for a clearance certificate.  If you do not provide your Social Security number additional levels of identity verification may be required by ChildLine staff, reducing the chance of automatic processing of your request.  

However, please note that disclosure of your Social Security number is voluntary and therefore, if you do not consent to having your Social Security number verified or used for checking your child abuse history, we will still process your request without your Social Security number.


You are entering a secure government website for the purpose of requesting a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance. By entering this site, you certify that you have read and understand the above guidelines and legislation.


If your web browser prompts you to accept a security certificate, you must accept it to proceed.


Unauthorized access prohibited by Public Law 99-474 "The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986". Use of this system constitutes CONSENT TO MONITORING AT ALL TIMES and is not subject to ANY expectation of privacy.