Frequently Asked Questions About Health and Human Services

What Health and Human Services should I apply for?

Family Works

What Health and Human Services should I apply for?
You should apply for every benefit that you think you may need.
When your application arrives the County Assistance Office will look at your income and tell you what Health and Human Services you can receive.

What is Family Works?
Family Works (FW) is a process that can provide benefits and services to help low-income working families and non-custodial parents. These benefits and services do not count towards the 60-month TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) time limit. People who receive FW supports/services are not under the TANF work or child support rules.

Who can be in Family Works?
The FW applicant must be a needy family. A needy family is defined as a minor child, and his/her parent(s) or other adult relative with whom the minor child lives. A needy family also includes a pregnant woman (or a pregnant woman and her spouse) who has no other children living with her.
The FW applicant may also be a non-custodial parent. This is a parent who does not live in the same household as his/her minor child.
The monthly earned income of the adult relative(s) or non-custodial parent is counted to find out the total earned income of the household. It is the before tax (gross) income from a job that is counted. The total household income cannot be more than a certain amount (235 percent of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.)
You did not have to be in the TANF program in the past to get FW benefits and services. You do not have to quality for TANF to get FW benefits and services.

If I receive TANF, can I also be in Family Works?
If you are now receiving TANF, you do not qualify for FW but may be eligible for the same services/benefits as a FW participant. You do not need to apply for FW. FW is supposed to help those low-income persons who are not getting TANF. Contact your caseworker to see if there are more services and benefits you can get under TANF.

What kind of proof do I need when I apply for Family Works?
Verification of the applicant's identity and social security number must be provided before eligibility is determined.
Earned income must be verified by providing copies of pay stubs or a statement from the employer. The applicant has a choice of providing income verification for a 12-month, 90-day, or 30-day period prior to the date of application.
A non-custodial parent or a person who says he/she is the parent must show proof of being the parent.
A woman's word that she is pregnant is accepted as proof of her pregnancy.

How do I apply for Family Works?
You may complete an application for FW at your local FW contractor site(s) or go to your local county assistance office. The county assistance office can help you locate the FW contractor site(s) in your local area.