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The Bureau of Autism Services, Office of Developmental Programs
Mission Statement
Our mission is to develop and manage services and supports to enhance the quality of life for Pennsylvanians living with Autism Spectrum Disorders and to support their families and caregivers. The Bureau of Autism Services, BAS, will carry out its mission through the creation and administration of adult service delivery models, through the development of resources to support individuals with autism and their families, and through collaboration with other DHS offices and government agencies.
As part of the implementation of our mission, BAS has developed and is implementing services for adults through the Adult Autism Waiver. The Services and Supports Directory will provide you with the information you need to identify and choose providers of Adult Autism Waiver services.

In addition to the Adult Autism Waiver, BAS has developed the Adult Community Autism Program, or ACAP, for services for adults with autism. For more information on ACAP, please visit the BAS website .