Frequently Asked Questions About Health and Human Services

What Health and Human Services should I apply for?

What Health and Human Services should I apply for?
You should apply for every benefit that you think you may need.
When your application arrives the County Assistance Office will look at your income and tell you what Health and Human Services you can receive.

What are Home and Community Based Services?
Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) are supportive services that make it possible for individuals with disabilities and older Pennsylvanians to live in their homes and communities. Some of these services are provided through Medical Assistance, a health care program funded by state and federal monies.

How do I qualify for HCBS?
First, you must be clinically eligible for waiver-funded services. There are a variety of waivers available in Pennsylvania. Each provides different types of services for persons with different types of disabilities. Waivers provide services such as home health care, in-home medical care, specialized therapies, day programs, homemakers, devices to assist with daily activities and visiting nurse services. Secondly, you must meet the eligibility requirements for Medical Assistance. There are income and resource requirements associated with eligibility for Medical Assistance. If you do not meet the guidelines for Medical Assistance, there may be other services available in the community, which possibly will be helpful.

How do I find out if I qualify?
You may complete an application online for the waivers provided under Long Term Living Services-Home and Community Based. If the services that you wish to apply for are not available for online application, please complete the online screening and referral process, which can be found under the “Do I Qualify?” module on the COMPASS home page, in order to have your referral information sent to the applicable program office (s). The ability to send a referral applies to the following services: Early Intervention, Intellectual Disability, and Adult Autism.