Basic Navigation Tips

Here is some useful information that will help you become familiar with the look and feel of COMPASS.

The most frequently used page elements in COMPASS are BUTTONS.

Frequently used BUTTONS include:
  • NEXT – Records information entered on the page. Takes you to the next page.
  • PREVIOUS – Records information entered on the page. Takes you back to the previous page.
  • ADD ANOTHER– Adds a section to the page for an additional person, employer, income, expense, insurance policy, or insurance.
  • REMOVE – Removes a section from the page.
  • DO I QUALIFY – Takes you to the DO I QUALIFY page.
  • PRINT MY APPLICATION – Creates a printable version of your application.
  • CANCEL FORM – Leaves your application incomplete and unsubmitted.
  • SAVE FORM & FINISH LATER – Saves your unsubmitted application for six months.
    Please note: If you do not complete and submit your application within six months it will be erased.
    1. KEEP WORKING – If you decide you do not want to stop and save the application you can choose to continue and keep working.

Links allow you to move directly to a page within COMPASS. Clicking a link opens the desired page.
Links are identified by being underlined. Once a link is clicked, it will change color to indicate that the page was accessed.

Radio Buttons

Radio buttons will allow you to choose only one of the given options.

Check Boxes

Check boxes allow you to select and deselect multiple options.

Drop-down Boxes

Drop-down boxes allow you to select only one option from an expandable list.
Drop-down boxes are identified by a down arrow to the right of the box.

Date Fields

Date fields allow you to choose a date by clicking the calendar icon to the right of the field or manually enter a date in the format of MM/DD/YYYY.